Kiato High School - Klimenti, Corinthia

Anthi Tis Petras organized their first educational pilot program for Secondary Education students in collaboration with the Lifelong Learning Center for the Environment and the Sustainability of Sikyon (Sikyon E.E.C) in April 2014. The students of Kiato High School discussed the principles of traditional architecture with Elena Konstantinidou and Eleni Alexandrou, Assistant Professors at NTUA School of Architecture. They walked around the settlement of Klimenti, Corinthia and traced the work of the Lagadia craftsmen at buildings of the settlement.

The students' interest, especially in the relationship between traditional architecture and natural environment, was reflected in their active participation in the discussion with questions or/and ideas. The educational material, carefully prepared by the pedagogical team of E.E.C played an important role in the thorough preparation of the students and ensured that this live educational activity run smoothly. Additional educational material on CD was given to them by our Movement and they were further informed about the actions undertaken by Anthi Tis Petras by our President Giannis Tsiaousis and the Vice President George Katsioufis

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