Within the context of protecting and promoting monuments of traditional architecture, Anthi Tis Petras have performed maintenance works of traditional stone fountains, a cobblestone threshing floor and a cobblestone path as well as of a derelict mansion in the settlement of Lagadia, Arcadia. More specifically:


fountain draina

In 2018, during the 2nd Workshop on the art of stone organized by Anthi Tis Petras and held at Lagadia, Arcadia, maintenance and restoration works were carried out on a semi-derelict old traditional fountain at Draina (a 17th-18th century settlement). This fountain is located on an old rural road, which used to be on the main route of the Lagadia craftsmen in the 18th, 19th and early 20th century, when they departed for their workplaces in the Peloponnese (and not only). At the same time, it was used by the inhabitants in their daily agricultural tasks and goat and sheep herding. The restoration of the fountain now attracts hikers, climbers (it is located close to a route of the internationally certified Mainalon Trail), and has contributed to the aesthetic upgrade of the landscape alongside the use of the precious water.

At the same time, in the same area, and in the context of the same workshop, maintenance / restoration works were carried out at a traditional stone threshing floor. It is known that until the mid-twentieth century, when the population of Greece was mainly rural, threshing floors were a valuable and staple infrastructure element of the rural landscape. Contemporary people often do not understand or take for granted the relationship between them and nature in these "sensitive" landscapes. As a result, many traditional settlements and rural landscapes are under threat. The conservation and preservation of dry stone structures, mills, threshing floors and other formations that comprise the rural landscape, contributes to soil rescue, environmental upgrade and the preservation of knowledge in relation to past production processes, way of life and culture.



fountain platanos


In 2019, during the works of the 3rd Workshop on the art of stone and within the context of educational activities, the maintenance / restoration of a stone fountain at “Platanos” in the settlement of Lagadia as well as construction / restoration of a cobblestone path at "Pano Mahalas" took place..

The restoration of this particular fountain, in an attempt to protect and highlight its features, formed part of the Workshop. We believe that the rescue and exploitation of the traditional stone fountains contributes to the aesthetic and environmental upgrade of the area, since they are in perfect harmony with the natural environment and are an excellent example of ecological management of natural resources (stone, water)..

The restoration of the cobblestone path also significantly upgrades the traditional character of the settlement and is an example of good practice in the built environment, chiefly through the use of stone, a natural, durable and resistant material.

The need for specialized technical staff for the maintenance of these traditional buildings is undeniable. The Stone Workshops, under the guidance of old experienced protomastores (master craftsmen) and the supervision of qualified scientific staff (Architecture professors, architects and civil engineers), can offer to both technical staff and engineers the necessary know-how so that any type of maintenance works and traditional buildings’ restorations will be executed according to appropriate standards.




In 2019, maintenance works (rescue interventions) were carried out at the derelict Rigopouleiko mansion. It is a 19th century building, a fine example of the Lagadia art of stone, purchased by Anthi Tis Petras with the prospect of housing the planned Center of Traditional Architecture. It is located at the settlement of Lagadia, at "Pano Mahalas-Laka", close to important landmarks such as the historic Deligiannis family Mansion, the pre-revolutionary Agios Ioannis Prodromos Church, which is the work of the great Lagadia folk architect Antonios Rigopoulos, and many more. The building will include a museum-exhibition space on the history, works and activities of the Lagadia craftsmen, and at the same time offer the possibility to host cultural, educational and research activities.    

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