1st Vrilissia Lyceum – Lagadia, Arcadia

The presence of the 80 students of the 1st Lyceum of Vrilissia during their two-day visit on April 15-16, 2016 brought the old neighborhoods of Lagadia to life. On the occasion of the school's educational trip to Gortynia, a two-day program on traditional architecture and the contribution of the Lagadia craftsmen in its development took place. The contribution of Giannis Deligiannis in the organization of the project as well as the cooperation of all accompanying teachers played a pivotal role in the success of the pilot educational activity.  

The first day included a discussion at the imposing building of Lagadia High School -an architectural landmark of the wider area- on the principles of traditional architecture, its harmonious relationship with the natural landscape and sustainability. Anthi Tis Petras President Giannis Tsiaousis was the discussion moderator. On the second day, the students and their teachers had the opportunity - with the help of Anthi Tis Petras Vice President George Katsioufis - to recognize many of the elements they had already heard and read about, walking around the cobblestones and the paths of the settlement. For many of them it was a unique experience since they visited buildings, climbed stairs and leaned on walls which are associated with important chapters of our country's history, such as the Greek Revolution of 1821 and more recent historical events.

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